Thursday, January 1, 2009

Josh & Steve & Raheem & Jason & Bob

While Coach Taylor is clearly the correct choice, some non-fictional names are in and they're pretty much what you'd expect, except for a lone nut-job choice for a potential candidate. Here's what we're looking at:

Josh McDaniels - Offensive Coordinator, New England
Steve Spagnuola - Defensive Coordinator, NY Giants
Raheem Morris - Defensive Coordinator, Tampa
Jason Garrett - Offensive Coordinator, Dallas

These choices all make sense. As The Comish pointed out in the comments earlier, Morris is likely the Rooney Rule guy. Of everyone here, I'd like to see McDaniels or Garrett get the nod. I really think you need an offensive-minded guy when your as stacked on that side of the ball as we are.

I'd be fine with Spags or Morris, provided they left the offensive coaching staff alone, but that will never happen. No, it's gotta be an offensive guy.

Now for the crazy name:

Bob Stoops - Head Coach, University of Oklahoma

Jesus. You might as well actually hire Kyle Chandler if you're going to do that. I'm sure Bob Stoops is a fine gentleman, but I cannot stress enough how bad of an idea that is. He has zero NFL coaching experience. None. There isn't a single head coach in this league that came straight from college. The last two guys I recall making that leap were utter failures (Lane Kiffin and Bobby Petrino). This is a very bad idea.

Denver is by far the most attractive head coaching job that will be available this offseason, so we should have our pick of these guys. I'm pulling for McDaniels, even though I'm actually (checking...) 18 days older than him. Christ, I'm getting elderly.

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Garrett Barnes said...

The correct thing to do would be to send Bob Stoops to Denver as the Defensive Coordinator, hire Chandler while Stoops gets NFL experience, fire Chandler, and promote Stoops. It's foolproof!