Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pro-(toilet) Bowlin'

It's over: The NFC takes it 30-21.

Marshall finished with 5 catches for 44 yards, that killer drop, and nothing much else to speak of.

Cutler finished 7-15 for 48 yards and a pick. He went a soul-crushing 0-4 on the last drive (including another drop by Marshall) w/ the AFC down 27-21. He was involved in the coolest highlight of the game, though. The AFC ran the oldest of the old-school plays at the goal line:

The Fumblerooski.

It was a modified fumblerooski. Cutler took the snap from the gun, took two steps to his right, jammed the ball between Ravens FB Laron McClain's legs and kept moving to the right. McClain stayed motionless for a second and then took off to his left and was able to fight his way into the end zone. Neat play. Otherwise, Cut was pretty mediocre.

Casey Wiegmann is your Broncos Pro-Bowl MVP. It's a tremendous honor.

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Commish CH said...

fumblerooski, the most flamboyant thing Tom Osbourne ever did besides the one time he and his wife had sex in an other than a missionary position.