Monday, February 16, 2009

Remember me?

I wouldn't be surprised if you forgot.

Sorry for the lack of content. Getting fucking slamalamadingdonged at the law factory. It's quite absurd, actually. I'll try harder or stay up later and post more, I swear.

So what's new in Bronco-Town? Some people got pinked, you say? Let's get to it.

OUT: The Family Goodman - GM/Scouting/Personnel/Whatever the hell they did. I'm fine with this move. Someone from the front office had to go and it was either Jim and Jeff or Brian Xanders. Xanders was just hired last offseason, so you can't really pin the blame on the poor personnel over the last few years on him. Clean the fucking slate. Plus, anyone with a last name starting with an X has got to be cool

OUT: Josh Shaw, DT. Dude sucked and was suspended during the season for conduct detrimental to the team. Good riddance, I guess.

OUT: PJ Pope, RB. Didn't impress when he got his shot.

OUT: Alex Haynes, RB. Never heard of him. See ya.

OUT: Anthony Alridge, RB. This is a queer decision. Alridge was very impressive in camp last year as an undrafted rookie. He got hurt in the last preseason game and spent the entire season on IR. He should have gotten another shot. Alridge gets released, but Tatum Bell and Cory Boyd are still on the roster? I don't see it.

OUT: Cliff Russell, WR. Another tough one. I liked Cliffy a lot.

And the saddest news of all for last:

OUT: Chad Mustard, TE. Now that Shanny's gone, I think this is the end of the road in Denver for our friend Chad. Some elementary school out there will be getting the best pass-blocking substitute-teacher in the business.

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