Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Quick Hitter

Coach Pyle's great QB purge of '09 is finally complete.

The Donks released their full-size version of Gary Coleman yesterday, waving bye-bye to Darrell Hackney.

That leaves tattoo enthusiast Chris Simms and The Neckbeard as the only QB's on the roster.

The question is, will the Donks package some picks and move up to take alleged rapist Mark Sanchez? Or will they stick with Simms and Orton (I still can't believe I'm typing that) this year and hope that next year's QB crop isn't so shitty? Only the boy-idiot knows.

Since Al Davis decided to ruin Jamarcus Russell's confidence, there are no viable FA's left.

It'll be a rook, an albino weirdo or a drunken, bearded clown as our QB next year. Awesome strategy, chief.

1 comment:

Crosshare said...

At least neckbeard is immune to the Laserface as long as we keep him loaded with Fat Tire.