Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hell of a run

OUT: JJ Arrington, RB

Turns out homeboy needs microfracture surgery on his right knee, and apparently his $3M guaranteed salary and bonus were contingent on him not needing microfracture surgery. So now he gets nothing...and he'll like it. Clears up an insane RB log-jam a little bit. Unfortunately, I think he was the most talended FA RB we signed. Oh well.

Should have been you, Lamont Jordan.

OTA's started up again yesterday. DJ Williams practiced for the first time since his offseason rotator cuff surgery. He'll be playing yet another position this fall in the new 3-4. Apparently called the "Jack." Sam, Will, Mike...get it? It's the ILB slot lined up opposite the TE. It's funny, because I play the Jack a couple of times a day myself.

That's right, the Jack. What did you think I meant, you sick bastard?

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