Saturday, June 13, 2009

Guess who didn't show for the first mandatory mini...

The holdout has begun.

Again, I don't get this. There's no way in hell this clown is getting a new deal. Especially not after that on-camera abortion on Outside the Lines a couple of weeks ago.

Also, his misdemeanor trial in GA was pushed back to August, meaning there won't be any confirmation that he won't be suspended (if he's acquitted) until at least two weeks into training-camp.

And what exactly has happened this offseason that would indicate to Marshall or his reps that Coach Pyle would be willing to acquiesce to a petulant "me, me, me" player in any way?

Suck it up, finish out your deal and then move the fuck on out next March. Maybe you and former QB, uniform #6 can reunite in the windy shitty.

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