Thursday, May 17, 2007

We're going to get fired up about the real things, the things that matter!

Finally. It's about damn time, frankly. There's nothing worse than the couple of months between the draft and the start of training camp. Since the Nugs and the Warriors have been eliminated, I could care less about the NBA. The inevitable Spurs-Pistons finals will do wonders in terms of setting basketball back a decade. May baseball is......May baseball. Other than the die-hards and the roto psychos, does anyone care about baseball in May? Wake me up in September. Plus, the local nine is kind of a walking joke.

So, it's welcome news that the first of the Bronco's OTA's started on Tuesday. Hallelulah. Actual practicing of football. Here's some quick tid-bits on what's been going on:

Up top there is the decal the team will be wearing next year to honor Darrent and Damien. There's an excellent piece by Lee Raiszer over at the RMN about how the team will deal with the loss of two guys and about how teams in the past have dealt w/ these types of tragedies (both positively and negatively). I think they have the right coach and enough veteran leadership on both sides of the ball, even with Al being gone, to be able to keep their minds right.

Brandon Marshall talked for the first time about his domestic violence arrest a couple months ago. Here's what he had to say:

I'm not a thug, I'm not a gangster"

There's a shit load more to this quote, but I like cutting it off right there. It's funnier that way. He did dodge the questions about being with both Darrent and Damien on the day they died though, stating:

"Football is one of the things for us that we can get away from all that"

Football questions only goddammit!

Jay Cutler appears to have a nice rapport with Mike Hiemerdinger, the "Assistant Head Coach-Offense" titled employee (Is there any other team in the league where the "Assistant Head Coach-Offense" and the "Assistant Head Coach-Defense" are positions higher than "Offensive Coordinator" and "Defensive Coordinator"? I don't think so. It's a really odd way to structure your staff). Thanks to his laser rocket arm, apparently the playbook will now feature more passing plays from the Elway era. Last year, Denver ran the ball on 3rd and 3 or more than any other team in the league. If you throw in all the WR screens we ran that technically count as passes, it really shows just how far Plummer slipped in Shanny's eyes from one season to the next. I hope the page in the playbook with all the WR screens gets ripped out of the binder and set of fire.

Here's that drunk, dipshit Kiszla not putting any pressure on the kid at all. The countdown to his inevitable "This kid sucks, bench him...oh, and fire Shanahan too." column begins now.


Bird said... seem to have forgotten that playoff hockey is going on. Seriously sklimps, you have HD so why arent you in love with the game yet?

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you heard me!

Commish CH said...

re: the sticker - remember Plummer wouldn't wear the "Futbol" sticker on his helmet? That flew under the radar around here.