Friday, June 8, 2007

Damnit Derek, I'm a coal miner, not a professional film or television actor.

What you're seeing here isn't the Broncos celebrating a Super Bowl win, but it sure looks like it, doesn't it? Shanny decided, after some light stretching, to break OTA early and let everyone go on home. 9News had the video of this last night, and I seriously thought it was old footage from the '98 season.

I know it's still really early in the offseason. I know there's still a couple more minis before training camp. I know practice sucks. I know it's been insanely windy around here the last couple of days and it's hard to concentrate when balls in the air are whipping every which way. I know you're all mostly young guys in your 20's looking to go play golf or party or wherever.

All that said, give me a fuckin' break. You guys make an insane amount of money to work about 4 months a year. I'm not saying you don't deserve the cash, or that it isn't hard work, but you're jumping up and down, hooting and hollering and acting like a bunch of high-school kids because you get a day off? Get your priorities straight and let's act like professionals.

Oh...and a lot of the guys that were jumping higher and yelling louder than anyone else were guys that should want to get in every practice they can. You can bust your ass in the weight room and do the running on your own, but you should be praying for time in front of the coaches.


Hallux Valgus said...

Sources inside Dove Valley indicate that Sam Adams attempted to jump up and down and hoot, but instead fell over and had a heart attack. When asked for comments later, Adams replied, "what do you mean they only sell deep fried Snickers at the county fair?"

Hercules Rockefeller said...

+1 Hallux. Good stuff

thesportshernia said...

It's possible they were celebrating the controversial death of Mr. McMahon. Shannahan always hated the XFL.