Friday, November 2, 2007

You are having pie and coffee with a living legend.

Well, we knew it was coming. The greatest wideout in franchise history is finished for the season. I find it highly unlikely that he ever suits up for us again. If that's the case, it's kind of a crappy way for the guy to go out, but at 37, it's probably time for both sides to move on. Look for the classy and highly compassionate Mike Shanahan to hand him his walking papers in the off season. Shanny doesn't care if you're a Ring of Famer or some practice squad fodder. He's like Ray Lewis, he'll cut your ass.

Is Rod a Hall of Famer? He's currently ranked 11th in NFL history in receptions and he's the only undrafted receiver ever to amass 10K receiving yards, but is that enough? Obviously I'd like to see him there...but I don't think he has much of a chance. Receiving stats are being devalued by the day and for some reason, the asshole HOF voters hate Denver. The fact that a team that has been to seven Super Bowls (tied w/ Pitt for second in NFL history behind Dallas) and has only one player in the HOF is absurd. Guys like Randy Gradishar, Floyd Little and Gary Zimmerman should be in, and if they had played for the fucking Giants or some shit they would be in. It's really ridiculous when you look at it. It doesn't bode well for borderline current guys like Tommy Nails and Old Man Kicker. Shannon should still be a lock though, he retired as the greatest receiving TE in NFL history. You can't keep him out, can you? Can you?

Rod's a class act. He seems like a "Bronco for life" kind of guy, not the type that will limp around and pathetically try and catch on with another team (Jerry Rice). I think he'd make an excellent WR coach.

Oh yeah, our first round pick snapped his fibula and destroyed some ankle ligaments in practice yesterday. Sweet! More great news in a season full of it.

This weekend it's the Lions, another over-hyped and over-rated NFC team. These guys can put some serious points on the board, especially in their own building. Can the D contain Jon Kitna and their stable of first round WR's? There's no reason to think so, is there? Can the front seven keep Kevin Jones and Fumble Drill from running like Dickerson in his prime? Again, there's no reason to think so, is there?

They'll probably pound on Detroit and suck everybody into thinking they've turned the corner again.

I guess there's a big game in Indiana this weekend? I haven't heard much about it.

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