Thursday, November 8, 2007

Well, downstream would be a good idea.

Word 'round the campfire (the fire in this case being Sandy Clough at AM 950) is that earlier this week, Shanny called a team meeting and proceeded to verbally tear everyone a new asshole while showing film of their poor play and lack of hustle. Apparently one of the guys he called out was veteran Matt Lepsis.

To that I say: It's about fuckin' time, dude. You should have done it after the SD game. These guys have been sleep-walking through the season and they need a kick in the ass. Especially some of these hired gun types that haven't done anything but draw a paycheck (Simeon Rice, Sam Adams, etc.).

I like the move. Get your house in order, coach.

I would also be remiss if I didn't point out this little bit of pointless garbage over at It's their NFL Fan Value Experience. They're ranking the NFL teams based on the amount of fun the fans have at the games or some such nonsense. Apparently they didn't bother actually going to the stadiums, but rather compiled this fucker based on results of an online survey. Rankings were based on tickets, food and souvenirs, accessibility, tailgating, team, stadium atmosphere and neighborhood.

The Donks rank 13th, behind such legendary venues as M&T Bank Stadium (Baltimore), the RCA Dome (Indy), LP Field (Tennessee), Bank of America Stadium (Carolina) and Municipal Stadium (Jax). Um...ok. They can't even sell out in Jax without putting a black tarp over half the stadium and simply not selling tickets for those seats. And isn't the RCA Dome being torn down after this season? Whatever, at least we're the tops in the division. Here's something else I don't get: the Meadowlands is ranked dead last for the Jets, but 25th for the Giants. What?

The idiot value SI used here is "team." Is the team worth watching? Take that ranking out and Denver is much higher.

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