Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Not only did we embarrass Marky Mark, we let down the Funky Bunch.

Another week, another blowout loss and another game that I turned off before the end of the third. I'm starting to get really pissed off with this shit. This franchise is turning into a fucking national joke right before your eyes. Any lingering, naive dream of Denver turning it around and competing for a playoff slot this year was brutally murdered on the carpet in Detroit. I actually kept a running diary of the game, but I'm not about to type up the motherfucker even though it was chock full of wit and wisdom, because who wants to re-live that shit.

At least we scored. At least Cutler didn't break his leg. At least Andre Hall looked pretty solid on kick returns. At least......nope, that's it. Nothing else positive in this bitch, except for Kevin Harlan. He's the best play by play guy in the game at getting you personnel and formations. He actually announces substitutions on the D-Line and tells you how many backers and DB's are in. I can't think of anyone better at it. But lets face it, when your sole enjoyment of the game comes from the play by play guy, you're in for a long and shitty day.

They flat out weren't ready to play. I saw no pride out there, no heart. It's like they didn't mind going out and getting ass raped by 37.

Yeah, these guys are really bad....and they're poorly coached. Not just Shanahan, but everyone. The D still had substitution problems. The Lions weren't running a hurry up or some wacky variation of Buffalo's old K-Gun. No, they were running their normal offense and we still had a 12 man on the field penalty and had to waste timeouts so we could get the correct personnel out there. When basic shit like that haunts you two weeks in a row, you're a poorly coached team. I'm not knee-jerk calling for Shanahan's head. I still think he's a top 5 coach in this league, but something's got to change next year. Someone has to get fired. If Coyer got fired last offseason, a big name has got to go this year. Personally, I think it's going to be Heimerdinger. Just throwing it out. I think the D coaches are safe for at least another year...whether or not they should be is another matter.

Injuries, poor play, poor coaching and personnel decisions have forced us into a rebuilding mode that could potentially spill over into next year. Having fun, Broncoland? I'm not.


Commish CH said...

The subsitution thing on D is just freaking stupid. Pee Wee teams know their subs, yet the Donks can't get it right?

My only solace in watching from mid-3rd on was watching to see if Ramsey got hurt and see Mike Leach run the Offense.

Hercules Rockefeller said...

No shit, dude. That would have been fuckin' awesome. Watching him take practice snaps was probably the highlight of the day.