Monday, April 28, 2008

Selective Service

The draft is in and over and done. Let's take a look:

Round 1: Ryan Clady, OT - Boise St.
A beast, a monster, a correct decision, a smart pick, a potential O-Line anchor for the next decade. Good job, coach.

Round 2: Eddie Royal, WR - Va Tech
Do we really need a receiver here? Seriously, do we really NEED a receiver here?With all the problems on D last year? No. We dont. Plus, I liked Malcolm Kelly and Limas Sweed more. Kelly a lot more.

Round 3: Hercules Rockefeller, RB - Ft. Lewis College
Great value pick, tremendous upside, high-motor, high-ceiling, ran a 4.2 40 at the combine, just a tremendous football player. Excellent, excellent pick.

Round 4: Kory Lichtensteiger, C/G - Bowling Green
Never heard of the guy, but Tommy Nails can't hang around forever and Ben Hamilton is a question mark now. Good decision, but we still haven't picked a defensive player yet.

Round 4: Jack Williams, CB - Kent State
Christ. Of all the holes on the D line, unknowns at linebacker and AARP members at safety, our first defensive pick is a fucking cornerback? Nothing against Jack Williams, if that is his real name, but come on. I don't understand this pick at all.

Round 5: Ryan Torain, RB - Arizona St.
Still neglecting the D-Line, I see. I don't know anything about this guy either (honestly, I've never heard of any of the Donks selections outside of Clady and Royal.) I don't think RB is really a need either, but if you're going to draft a position that has an average career length of 4 years, you take one in Round 5 and not w/ the 12th overall selection.

Round 5: Carlton Powell, DT - Va Tech
Finally. It only took 6 picks before Denver drafted a D-Lineman (probably their greatest need going into the offseason). And his name is Carlton. Nice one.

Round 6: Spencer Larsen, OLB - Arizona
Spencer? Carlton? There wasn't a Griff, Wentworth, Wellington or Godfrey available? Are Carlton and Spencer going to be at the regatta later?

Round 7: Josh Barrett, S - Arizona St.
Two guys from ASU and two guys from Va Tech? What's the fascination with drafting teammates? It seems like the Donks do ti all the time. At least they're drafting positions of need. Too bad these guys are likely going to be on the practice squad.

Round 7: Peyton Hillis, FB - Arkansas
Can't go wrong drafting a guy named Peyton.

I haven't seen if they signed an undrafted guys yet, or read anything at all about these guys. Therefore, this is pretty half-assed, but that's just how I roll.

UPDATE: Mel Kiper grades our draft as a C+. Yahoo gave us a B, USA Today gave us a D+. All stupid, all worthless. I'm only linking Kiper because he IS the draft.

Lichtensteiger called Tommy Nails "Don Nehlen" during his Q&A conference call w/ the Denver media. Almost as awesome as Tatum Bell saying he wanted to wear number 7 during his, not knowing that RB's in the NFL can't wear single digits and that Denver had retired the number five years earlier.

Apparently all of our picks are either bible-thumpers or squeaky clean boy-scouts.

FURTHER UPDATE: The Bronco Talk boys destroyed the weekend. Killed it. Go there for all of your real draft needs, not the stupid jokes you see here. Looks like the Donks have signed six undrafted free agents, including Garrett Hartley, K - Oklahoma and Anthony Aldridge, RB - Houston. I don't know who the others are, but as soon as Bronco Talk tells me who they are, I'll tell you. I'm a lazy, lazy man, Roger.

FURTHER, FURTHER UPDATE: Another undrafted free agent: Lorne Sam, WR - UTEP. His name is Lorne Sam. His name is Lorne Sam.

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